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Expert Bra Fitting


Do you suspect you are wearing the wrong bra? Well you aren't alone! Studies have shown that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! The wrong size bra isn't just an inconvenience it can actually cause severe back,neck and shoulder problems, damage breat tissue, not to mention effect your confidence by effecting the way your clothes fit!

We are here to help! Let our trained bra fitters help you find the perfect bra for you! Appointments are not required by are encouraged.

What to Expect During an Expert Bra Fitting:

  1. Professional Assistance: When you visit our boutique for an expert bra fitting, our trained professionals will guide you through the process. They understand the nuances of different bra styles and sizing.

  2. Measurements: The fitting expert will take accurate measurements to determine your band size and cup size. This involves measuring your underbust and fullest part of the bust. Then we will take those measurements and do bra math (yes there is math involved)

  3. Fitting Room Experience: You'll be provided with a variety of bras to try on. The fitting expert will assess the fit, making adjustments as needed to ensure the perfect match.

  4. Style Consultation: Experts will consider your personal preferences and lifestyle to recommend bra styles that suit your needs, whether it's for everyday wear, sports, or special occasions.

  5. If we do not have your size, we can order it.

How to prepare for your fitting

  1. Appointments are encouraged but not required. We accept appointments and walk ins during our normal business hours 11am-6pm Wed-Fri and Saturday 11am-3pm

  2. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. To get the best fit we will ask you to remove your top and bra. If you aren't comfortable with that we ask that you wear the thinnest cami type tank top possible with no built in bra or lining.  Clients who are 18 years old or younger are required to wear a cami. 

  3. Your measurements will be taken in a private dressing room.

  4. Plan to be here for about an hour, bras are like jeans, sometimes we have to try different styles and shapes to find the perfect one.

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