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Philocaly Brand Ambassador FAQ 


What is Philocaly?

Philocaly Lingerie Boutique is a small boutique located in Kennewick, Wa. Women of all shapes and sizes enjoy a carefully curated selection of luxurious, stylish, French inspired lingerie and a personalized shopping experience that takes the pain out of lingerie shopping. Our mission is to impact and inspire a movement in which women erase what society has taught them about beauty and femininity and rewrite it with the truth of what God says about them, that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. 



What does Philocaly mean?

Philocaly means love of beauty in Greek. Philocaly Lingerie Boutique is designed to help you embrace your femininity and encourages you to own your experience as a woman.


What is the Brand Ambassador Program?

We are looking for women to partner with us to bring our message to the world! The Philocaly brand ambassador program is a way to empower, inspire and unite women of all sizes, shapes, and ages to love the skin they are in thru personal stories and messaging. We are asking for your help to show women it's ok to feel confident in the skin they’re in, and that your “number” does not define who you are as a person. Our ambassadors will be encouraged to share their personal stories through social media and in their communities. 

Will I have to wear lingerie?

We are not looking for our ambassadors to post in their lingerie, in fact we prefer you don't. You will purchase a "I am" tank top at a discounted price and then be encouraged to share images and video wearing your tank or regular clothing. We do not allow images of a sexually-explicit nature. Remember, this is about sharing and uniting thru personal experiences and stories. You will read more about the rules for posting below and when you apply.


Do I have to be local to Kennewick?

Absolutely not! Our mission is to have Philocaly Ambassadors around the world. The more states and countries we have promoting our brand the more women will be inspired to gain confidence in who they are. We believe a more confident woman makes a better wife, mother, sister, friend and member of society.


What will I get as an Ambassador?

Each Ambassador will receive a personal code for them to share on all social media platforms. We have a tiered incentive program where you can get discounts and earn free lingerie!

Here is what you get:

Discounted link for your “I AM” tank top

20% off Welcome gift – receive 20% off your first full purchase

For every $500 earned in sales from your personal code, get 50% off one item

For every $1,000 earned in sales from your personal code, get 1 Free item of choice.

Every person that uses your code will receive 20% off their first purchase


What does the Brand ambassador have to do?

Although you are not required to do anything, the more you post the more you share in the mission and the more credit you receive when people use your discount code.  We encourage you to post on social media about our brand, mission and core values. You will be given a link to purchase a tank top with your Philocaly size that can be utilized for posting and talking points! We love for you to wear it everyday! But please make sure to wash it 😊


How many times do I have to post?

Like we said, we don’t want you to feel like you must post. However, you will be given incentives for sales used through your personal code. If you want free lingerie, the more you post, the more people buy, the more free, adorable things you get!

What are the #morethananumber campaign photoshoots?

#morethananumber campaign is to promote Philocaly sizing with “I Am” statements. Throughout the year we will be holding body positive photoshoots highlighting specific sizes and would love for you to participate however participation is not required for ambassadors.  

Each size has a specific date and you are welcome to come wearing your "I am" tank and jeans. All photoshoots will be at 10am and reminder emails will be sent out when you sign up to be an ambassador.

Photoshoot date/size:

May16th - Enchanting & Foxy

June 20th - Stunning & Beautiful

July 25th - Divine & Wonderful

September 26th - Magnificent & Lovely

December 5th - Majestic & Ravishing

We will send additional information a few weeks before each shoot



Where do I get my tank top and what does it cost?

After you are approved as an Ambassador, you will be sent a link and your discount code to order your tank which makes the tank $12+tax. Bonus you are supporting another local, woman owned business in the process. We ask that all Ambassadors purchase a tank to complete their qualification. Obviously you can wear the tank top to more then just the shoots or when posting! Actually we urge you to!!



We know! There always has to be rules. In order to keep the integrity of Philocaly values and our mission statement we ask the following:

I agree to NO negative self talk, to treat myself and others with kindness and love.


I agree that I will not engage in negative verbiage in any way towards models, staff or volunteers. We want to empower each other and make sure everyone has a positive experience.


I agree to honor everyone's time by being on time for all scheduled events.


I agree to sobriety from any controlled substance including legal ones during any Philocaly events.


I agree that I will not  post images of myself or other models in the nude or of a sexual nature while representing Philocaly.


I agree that I will not use swear words or words of a sexual nature when representing or referring to Philocaly directly or indirectly in any public or private forum including but not limited to social media platforms


I understand that any violation of this contract may result in immediate removal from the Ambassador program and may result in legal action.

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