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Meet Faith, Owner, and Founder of Philocaly Lingerie. With a 16-year legacy, Faith has empowered women through her diverse ventures. Originating as a boudoir photographer, she recognized the lack of body-inclusive lingerie locally. In response, she founded Philocaly Lingerie, driven by her personal journey of body image struggles and the conviction that confidence positively impacts every role a woman plays—be it a mother, partner, sister, or friend.

Faith's brand represents more than aesthetics and comfort; it's a symbol of body positivity and empowerment. Her influence extends beyond fashion, as she's gained recognition on both local and national levels for her advocacy. Faith's transformation from boudoir photographer to lingerie trailblazer underscores her commitment to enhancing the self-assurance of women everywhere.


Introducing Naomia, a fervent advocate for women's empowerment with an integral role at Philocaly Lingerie. With a decade-long involvement in Faith's ventures, Naomia embodies the shared commitment to celebrating women's strength and community building.

Stepping into the position of COEE (Chief of Everything Else) at Philocaly Lingerie in 2022, Naomia's dedication shines through. With an extensive background in photography and social media expertise, Naomia excels in fostering a supportive environment within the Philocaly community.

Beyond her role at Philocaly, she is a mom, wife, and the reigning Mrs. Washington America. Her journey aligns perfectly with the brand's commitment to embracing change and empowering women through every step of their journey.

Melissa Headshot.jpg

Meet Melissa, a seasoned stylist with a remarkable journey spanning over 20 years in the retail industry. As a valuable asset to Philocaly Lingerie, Melissa embodies a deep commitment to empowering women and celebrating their changing bodies.

With her extensive background in retail, Melissa brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role. Melissa's expertise lies not only in curating exquisite pieces but also in fostering a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

A true advocate for women's empowerment, Melissa finds her purpose in supporting women through the transformative journey of embracing their bodies. Her warm and inclusive approach creates a safe space where women can explore their preferences and discover lingerie that aligns with their unique identities.

Introducing Nancy, the  mannequin who effortlessly breaks the mold of perfection! Nancy is the boss of the store, her sassy and vibrant personality radiates beauty with every new piece of lingerie. Nancy may have arrived with a few flaws, including stretch marks on her bottom, but it's those imperfections that make her a true symbol of authenticity and self-love. Standing proudly in all her unique glory, Nancy serves as a powerful inspiration for women everywhere to embrace their own imperfections. 

 Her flaws tell a story of resilience and self-acceptance, creating a refreshing narrative in a world often dominated by unrealistic beauty standards.

Meet Mallory, the mannequin with a heart as grand as her vibrant presence. Mallory is Canadian, a hard worker, literally on her feet 24/7, loves lingerie, vegan and has a hard exterior but really sweet when you get to know her.

Mallory's mission is clear: to instill a sense of empowerment and self-love in every woman who walks through the door. Her poised stance and fashionable attire are not just about showcasing the latest lingerie trends but are a celebration of diversity and beauty in all its forms. Mallory stands as a reminder that every woman is uniquely beautiful, regardless of size or shape.

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