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Faith has been building women's confidence thru her businesses for over 16 years. She started as a boudoir photographer and realized that there was a need in our area for beautiful, tasteful lingerie that was body inclusive. Her own body image struggles have greatly influenced her approach and her core belief that a confident woman is a better mom, partner, sister, and friend. She has been recognized both locally and nationwide as a leader in body positivity and women empowerment.

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Naomia has worked for Faith off and on for over 10 years and finally took a leap of faith (no pun intended) and committed to being the COEE (chief of everything else) of all 3 companies. Naomia loves empowering women through pageantry and hopes one day her efforts will make a difference. Naomia is a photographer, social media guru and loves helping small businesses thrive which is what makes her perfect for this role.

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