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Virtual Shopping


Experience a personalized lingerie shopping journey with our virtual shopping appointment service. 

1. Tailored Assistance: Our experienced lingerie stylists will provide a personalized experience guiding you to your best options and making recommendations based on your preferences and sizing.
2. Convenience: Shop from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to travel to the physical store.
3. Privacy: Enjoy a private shopping experience without the presence of other customers, ensuring your comfort and confidence.
4. Time Efficiency: Save time by focusing on your specific lingerie needs without distractions, once your purchases are made we can arrange pickup, delivery or shipping.

How It Works:
1. Schedule Your Appointment: Choose a convenient time for your virtual shopping appointment. Your appointment will be approximately 30 minutes.

2. Pay your reservation fee of $25. This fee will be applied to any purchases you make or can be saved as a gift certificate for a future purchase.
2. Consultation: Connect with our lingerie expert via video call, where you can discuss your preferences, style, and sizing requirements.
3. Virtual Tour: Experience a virtual tour of our boutique, showcasing the latest collections and exclusive pieces.
4. Product Showcase: Explore curated selections tailored to your preferences, with the option to view details up close.
5. Expert Guidance: Receive personalized advice on fit, style, and lingerie sets that complement your taste.
6. Secure Transactions: Complete your purchase securely, with options for discreet packaging and delivery. Pickup at the boutique ,local delivery and shipping are available.
6. Customer Satisfaction: We strive to ensure your satisfaction, offering exchanges or returns if needed.

Embark on a seamless and personalized lingerie shopping journey with our virtual shopping appointments. Schedule your session today for a unique and tailored experience! We look forward to serving you!

The fine print:

Once your appointment is scheduled we will send you a ZOOM link to log into for your appointment. 

Please read the below guidelines for your virtual appointment before scheduling:
-Your reservation fee is not refundable, one reschedule is allowed without paying a new fee.
-Your reservation fee will apply to any purchases made during your virtual appointment OR may be converted to a gift card for a future purchase.
-This appointment is for one person, you are welcome to have a friend or significant other there to help you decide on the best pretties but we do not do multiple shopping appointments at a time.
-Full clothing must be worn at all times. We will never ask you to remove any clothing. 
-We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or to end a virtual call without notice due to inappropriate behavior. Any inappropriate behavior decisions are at the full discretion of the stylist and if deemed necessary to end the call, the reservation fee will not be refunded. If deemed necessary legal action will take place and charges filed. (aka if you are a creep trying to get your jollies, just don't even bother)


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