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3 Easy Ways You Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

1. Journal 

I know, I know. Ain't nobody got time for that! But HEAR ME OUT, ladies. This doesn't have to be a novel, or even handwritten. I do this on my phone using an app called Evernote. The laziest journaling you'll ever see (or not see. Because excuse me, this is my journal.)

Need help getting started? Try something like this:

"Today, I made it to work on time."

"Today, I chose to prioritize time with my family over a clean house."

'Today, I actually loved the way I looked in my outfit."

"Today, I said No to something that was weighing me down."

"Today I was worried that XYZ would happen but this is what really happened and everything was ok."

Obviously there are more gifted and imaginative writers out there than myself. So, you do you. But documenting even the seemingly mundane can serve as a reminder to your future self of your grit, strength and growth. I often go back to my past journals for inspiration.

2. 60 Seconds of Self-Care

We get it. Not everyone has the time or the money to throw at weekly spa visits and endless bath products (if you do, my birthday is in May...) But Choosing a simple self-care ritual that feels a bit luxurious is a way to remind myself: "Hey, Self? You're worth it."

What's my daily dose of "treat yo self" as of late? Exfoliating my face in the shower! Easy peasy! And you'd be surprised how refreshed and ready it makes me feel! Maybe yours is keeping a pretty smelling lip balm on your nightstand to pamper your pucker while you sleep, or investing in a pretty water bottle to help you stay hydrated. Maybe flossing would be a luxury for you at this point. No judgment. Just pick one and stick to it.

3. Live Generously

Generosity doesn't equal money. It could also look like:

- Listening to someone who needs a sounding board

- Offering to bring coffee to a friend

- Smiling at a stranger (be wise with this one, ladies)

- Staying after a birthday party to help clean up

- Have granola bars on hand to give to someone in need of a meal.

- If you want to get really wild, pick a family you've never met on go-fund-me and bless their socks off.

Whatever it is - BIG or small - acts of service and generosity do wonders for our self-confidence.

So, there you have it! Three simple and realistic things we can do to walk a little taller this week.

Stay beautiful,


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